Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

Matt is going TDY in just a few hours and I haven't been this excited to have the house to myself in a loooong time. I always enjoy my night or two of quiet but after the long week and having sooo many people here on Thanksgiving...I'm ready for solitude. The house is finally all cleaned up. The fridge is devoid of tin foil wrapped things and tupperware containers. In fact tonight I'm making nachos for dinner. Just because I can.

I got the tree up yesterday. Matt drug it in from the garage and I managed to get it up and strung with lights before Logan got up from his nap yesterday. Quite the feat considering I left the tree is a disasterous mess when I put it away last year. I think I'll put the ornaments on tonight after Logan goes to bed. It is going to take a little more effort since I need to strategically place certain ornaments that can't be replaced if Logan got a hold of them.

In fact I think I'll decorate the tree with hot cocoa and an encore of Miracle on 34th Street tonight :)

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