Thursday, September 23, 2010


Little Fella is finally starting to sleep thru the night. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me.

I'm a firm lover of politics. I love the dynamics of it all. I love a heated debate and I won't hesitate to take you on any issue if you disagree. I stand my ground and believe me I have the information to back it up. I believe what I believe for a reason, not just because someone else said it and it sounded smart so I repeat it. Which is amazingly what I find a lot of people doing. I watch a lot of political shows. Including those of the conservative right because even though I rarely come anywhere near agreeing with them, I do like to hear what they are saying and where their points of view are coming from. I am always amazed at the number of people I hear simply repeat what Glenn Beck said the night before.

But now, I'm so over politics!!!! Things have become so polarized. By both parties. The Republicans vote no on ANYTHING put up by Democrats simply because it was from Democrats. The Democrats are doing the same. Things have always been one side vs the other but it felt like things could at least get done. A little compromise from both sides and move on to the next issue. Now nothing gets accomplished. At what point do they pull their heads out of their ass and realize that the everyday American needs them to do their job?? When do the needs of the people come before party lines and lobbyist money???

I can solve a lot of the problems they can't seem to have a civil conversation about.

Healthcare- Congress has an AMAZING healthcare plan. So my question is what makes them so much better than us? Why do they work for the US Government and get awesome healthcare while Matt works for the Government and gets Tricare?? So I say give us what you have, or you have to have what we do. I promise, Congress has to deal with Tricare for 6 months and all of America would get a decent healthcare plan because Congress would have experienced the joy of a crappy system.

Immigration- I may be a very liberal person but I think Arizona has it right when it comes to illegal immigration. I have to carry around my ID at all times. Shoot, living on a Military Post I have to carry TWO forms of identification at all times to prove I belong here...what's wrong with that? The law doesn't say they can just walk up to someone on the street and demand to see their "papers", its if they are pulled over or detained for something else. Its called a secondary offense. Also, there is ABSOLUTELY no way in hell that illegals who are already here should be given citizenship. How the hell does that DETRACT more people from coming over the boarder??? Also this Dream Act that allows kids of illegals who were born here or grew up here to get citizenship if they attend college or join the military??? Sorry that your parents made a bad decision and you have to pay for it but really??? Come in through the proper channels and reap the rewards. Everyone else gets sent home.

DADT- I'm so over this. Gay Guy can die, but can't kiss his boyfriend goodbye. Whatever. Aren't Governmental jobs not allowed to discriminate for sexual preference?? My SIL is gay and works for the government and they moved her and her non-legal wife to Mexico because they are non-discriminitory this makes no sense to me. If one group isn't recognized than I shouldn't be recognized as a spouse either. Don't get me wrong, the perks are great, but as long as Logan is covered I would gladly give up mine until friends can have theirs. Mel has been with her partner for like longer than I've been alive but she gets nada....when a tag chaser can hook up with a guy and get all entitlements after a drunk trip to Vegas 3 months in to a relationship???

Whatever, I'm moving to Canada.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rest of the Year

It's almost October people!! Why is it still in the mid-upper 90's here? Fall is my favorite season and living in the south has completely robbed me of enjoying it....*growls*

Anyway, on to other topics:

Logan's halloween costume arrived and I think it would be too big for my 17 month old niece!! Definately need to send it back and exchange for the smaller side. He's in 6 month clothes so I ordered the 6-12 month size. Apparently the measure based upon the Amazonian scale.

The rest of the year is going to be bittersweet.

October is awesome because its my birthday! 26 and man does that make me feel old. I'm on the downside to 30 and somehow I don't feel any older than 19 in a lot of ways. But its also the last month with our closest friends here and then they are on the move. Its also Logan's first Halloween so that will be fun. My brother is also deploying at some point in October. About 9 months in Afghanistan. Awesomeness.

November we are heading to Dallas for a long weekend with Matt's brother Shawn and his wife Anne. Other than Matt's mom they are the only relatives of his that I like and care to spend anytime with. It will be almost 2 years since we last saw them so we're really looking forward to catching up with them. Its also Thanksgiving. My second away from home. Last year was not bad at all. We had several friends who also opted not to go home and came to our house for dinner. Gave me my first opportunity to cook a turkey which turned out awesome thank you very much. Plus my brother was here so there was still a touch of family. This year we're staying here but those same friends will all be at their new posts and no family will be visiting. So like every other holiday here, I'll be extending an invitation to all the single soldiers who aren't going home and a couple or two who will be here too. I really hate spending holidays alone. We'll see how many we can squeeze into the house.

December is nothing but good things. We are flying home this year. After spending last year here I'm not missing another one. Not to mention its Logan's first one and with my brother gone I think my family might crack if we didn't get there. I'll be there about 16 days and Matt will hopefully only be a couple days behind me. I'm hoping for extreme rain, grey and gloom. No snow. I can't handle snow another year there. After last time when we were stranded at his parents for days, then at my parents for days it was just too much. So lots of wind and rain but if I see snow anywhere I'm dragging the space heaters out to the driveway if I have to.

I'm definately ready to head home for a visit. Its been over a year and a half since I was there last. Longer for Matt. I miss it. Definately need to make it a habit of going home at least once a year. Hopefully every 6 months or so from here on out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm so glad 9/11 is over. Its not that I'm insensitive to the tragedy of it all and how horrible it was. But at a certain point we need to grieve and move on.

I hate the way the whole country stops on 9/11 every year. We don't need 47 televised commerative ceremonies. We don't need to read off every single name of the people who died. We don't need every television special ever shown on instant repeat for the week leading up to 9/11.

I just feel like its been almost a decade. There is no reason for a woman who lost her husband to still be sobbing and unable to stand. You have to live your life and not let this day be a black cloud over it forever. Otherwise you may as well cast yourself as another life taken by the terrorists.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear _______

Army- I really dislike you sometimes. I'm tired of this crap unit and anytime you want to send us somewhere new, that would be great. I hate the immature idiots and their spouses that you let in. There really should be somekind of a maturity test you give along with the intellectual one. For both MM and spouse. Also, stop letting whores in. I hate you for my brother having to deploy. I hate you for paying such crappy money so I can't afford to go see him before he leaves and for my family to go home at christmas too. I hate you for the eventual deployment of my husband again.

I'm so thankful that someone in your ranks put this amazing soldier up for the Medal of Honor. I'm also thankful that the people who make the decisions finally gave it to someone. So many more men deserve this and I find it so disrespectful that it isn't given to all of them. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a turn in the tide when it comes to recognizing amazing men and women in our military. I'm also glad it is being given to an enlisted soldier and not an officer. For some reason it makes it seem a bit more meaningful to me.

Logan- We had an awesome couple nights there.....anytime you want to go back to sleeping through the night, your dad and I won't argue....

Dog- You are driving me crazy with your 3am barking sessions, knock it off or I'm putting you in the garage.

Terry Jones- You are ignorant and a bigot. I think its appalling that you and your hate followers are getting international media coverage. Next time you decide to burn a holy book some of my friends and I will meet you with a bon fire in the same field fueled by the bible. I see you have police escorts with you in NYC, they are bigger people than I because I'd let your dumb ass wonder the streets alone.

Colin Powell- Thank you for your wisdom to the masses and your ability to keep and even keel when speaking about idiot people and passionate subjects. I wish you would rethink your choice and run for office.

Summer- GO AWAY!!!!!!

Fall- Where the hell are you??