Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crappy week

Where do I even begin. Its been such a cluster f*&% of a couple weeks and I just feel like the whole world is imploding on me and no one seems to be noticing.

Early last week several soldiers that work with Matt were busted for drugs. Because they were dumb enough to be smoking it in the Company parking lot while waiting for PT to start. Hello??? Dumbass: Party of 5. So that started a string of what would be long days. Every parachute these guys packed had to be found and broken down. Obviously no one wants to jump a chute packed by a person who was potentially high on drugs while they packed it. Good times. They had to sift through thousands of parachutes. It was a long couple days.

Just as they were finishing up that process another soldier was involved in an accidental shooting and died. We're not clear on the details but it happened after Matt and another NCO allowed him to leave work early and it left Matt reeling. He was feeling completely responsible and felt like everyone else at work was blaming him as well. All the emotions that go along with that and the possible reprocutions that he could have been facing all drug him down.

I tried to be as supportive as I could but what can one do really? All I can do is be there to listen when he felt like talking and let him process it for himself. I made a couple meals for the family and did what little I could for them while being 8 1/2 mos pregnant and on limited bedrest.

This week is the beginning of investigations and the memorial and then hopefully everyone can start to head back to some sense of normalicy. I think everyone needs their minds on something else for a while.