Monday, December 6, 2010

This is the longest week EVER!!!

I am so ready to go home and time is flat out crawling by.

I'm a bit apprehensive about how things are going to play out while we're at home though. I'm already getting flack from both sides of the family. Luckily for us Matt and I are from the same place. Interesting since he had 4 years into the Army when we met. But he happened to be stationed at a base back home and we were lucky enough to meet. So thankfully both our families are in the same place as well. Which means no arguing about whose family we are going to see when we go on vacation and which family we are going to skip out on. When we go home, we see everybody. Including people we don't care to see lol.

The down side of that is that everyone wants tons of time with us. When it was just Matt and I it wasn't too big of a deal. We split time between everyone but he could take off to his family for the day while I stayed with mine. Now that we have Logan, we have to make a very serious effort to split time equally because everyone wants to see and spend time with him. Since this is the first time so many people are meeting him, its even worse.

I'm flying home 4 days ahead of Matt. The second day I am home I am going with my mother in law to get our hair done. We go to the same hairstylist who is a long time family friend of hers. I'm taking Logan so she can spend some extra time with him and we'll get to girl chat too. Plus she has offered to take me clothes shopping for my xmas gift and since I can't wear any of my pre-Logan jeans we'll probably be doing that as well that day. My grandmother seems to think that I don't need to be going to spend time with Matt's mom before Matt gets into town. Um....hello???? What am I supposed to do, call her and tell her that her grandson is 30 minutes down the road but she'll have to wait until Saturday to see him because Matt isn't here? I don't think that will go over so well.

Ugh, really just want to get home, see my friends and relax for a couple weeks. With all the extra help with Logan it will be so nice to get to spend some time with my husband as opposed to Logan's dad.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I'm not pregnant again. Which let me just say is the biggest relief of my life at this point.

The week before Thanksgiving AF should have arrived. It never did. I'm on the pill and take it very reguraly. But as any girl who has been late can tell you, its never a good feeling when you aren't trying to get pregnant.

We opted to basically ignore it until after Thanksgiving and then the home pregnancy test relay began. 3 negative tests over 6 days. But I never got a positive test even when I was pregnant so I still totally thought I was. At this point I was closing in on 3 weeks late. Never happened before. So yesterday I went in for the blood test and it was negative as well. Since the test can show a positive within 2 days of conception, there is no possible way I'm preggo as its been well beyond that since any possible conception date.

So my dr put me back on my bc pill and chalked it up to my body simply being cranky about going back on the pill after being pregnant and giving birth, then breastfeeding and not breastfeeding and all that jazz.

Glad that is over and done with. We aren't even agreed about whether we want another kid at all. And I'm certainly not certain about having another one now.