Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm here I swear!!

I'm finally getting around to updating this silly thing. I'm sorry its taken me so long. Everytime I would sit down to update, something would come up and I'd have to take off to do something else.

Matt is spending the afternoon at a shopmates house. I couldn't attend because I'm sitting here waiting ever so impatiently for my new couches to arrive. The ones we bought over a month ago! But I digress. At least they are finally arriving and for that I am thankful. Plus it does get me out of going to this shower/housewarming/marriage reception/give us things party that Matt is at. Neither of us are big fans of this particular couple. I especially am not fond of his wife. They have been married for well over 3 years and just decided last month to re-new their vows this weekend and throw a reception. I'm fine with all that, but I find it rather (just there, the doorbell rang and I had to run down and get the door lol!) odd that we are expected to bring gifts. And that we were assigned a room to bring a gift for. I just think it reaks of tackiness and they just want stuff. So Matt went to get them a $20 gift card for Target.

Meanwhile, I've entered my 8th month of pregnancy. I'm thankful not to be on bedrest yet and everything looks to be going as well as we could possibly hope for at the moment so I'm feeling very relieved. We have a date of July 6th set for induction since I'm not going to be carrying to term so unless Monkey decides to grace us a bit sooner than that, we'll be finally getting to meet our little man that day. Matt's parents as well as my sister will be here for the first few days. Then we're on our own for a week until my mom is able to come out for a couple weeks.

The nursery has all the furniture it needs. Now its just down to a lot or organizing and arrainging, which I must admit is my favorite part of the whole thing! I have more stuff than I know what to do with, but I still have a ton of stuff left to get. Important things like bottles, burp rags, pacifiers and such. I'll be doing that probably in the next week or so. I want Matt to go with me but he's not really into that much and I honestly don't want his indifference to bring me down. He's way more into the ACTUAL baby. He's just waiting for him to get here.

The dog is getting used to being left alone more of the time. He's so used to me being here 24/7 that he gets a tad clingy when I've been gone for a few hours. I still think that Logan is going to be a huge adjustment for him, but I'm feeling a lot better about it than I was.

Matt was promoted to Section Sgt last week at the shop. Means mostly late nights. He won't be getting home until 8 every night. Perfect timing with a brand new baby right? I know it looks good in his file and shows he's responsible and capable of leadership blah blah blah. But a huge part of me wants to scream out that he's not even staying in this field and hello??? What about me?? The joys of being an Army NCO wife I suppose. We'll just go with the flow and hope that this helps him when its time for the MOS change at the beginning of the year.

More sooner rather than later I promise :)