Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We have no plans. Not a single thing. Even did the grocery shopping already so don't even have to worry about that. We may go do Logan's Christmas card photo shoot tomorrow. But I honestly haven't gotten in touch with our friend who's doing them so I don't know what his plans are.

I ordered the last of Logan's gifts today. Now I need to get the grandparents. But I'll have those sent directly to them so it can wait. I want to gather more pictures to stuff their photo books full of anyway.

Matt went to bed early tonight and he's on Logan patrol in the morning so I'm sitting up here watching Say Yes to the Dress. How awful is that?! LOL. Talk about a guilty pleasure. I was working on Logan's stocking....but that lasted an hour or so and I was done. I'm working on the detailing and I don't absolutely hate it. Its meticulous and time consuming. I feel like I work on something forever and all I have to show for it is some facial features. At least at the end when you sew everything all together you feel accomplished. Even getting to the point of sewing on sequins would excite me. I'll finish this minutia in the morning and hopefully move on to the more fun stuff.

I'm ready for bed. Hopefully Matt doesn't mind me turning on the light and reading a little before I crash out lol

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