Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Sunday

Its Sunday morning and Matt finally has a day off of work. Of course we both have about a hundred things we need to get done today in preperation for the week ahead. He has some paperwork maintenence to attend to for his soldiers, thankfully I bought a new ink cartridge for the printer this week so he can stay home and do it. (PS- bought it on post and it was 8.99! Usually well into the $30 range for my printer) Its also time for him to get back into the yard and do some upkeep. Some of the grass is starting to overtake the back corner again. I have to go to the grocery store, my least favorite thing to do in the world. Straighten the guest room in prep for my mom next weekend. Which means braving both the comissary and the PX on pay day weekend becaue I need new pillows for that room.

Then we are both going to begin to tackle clearing out that cave of a man room Matt has. We're keeping the guest room where it is for obvious reasons. We'll have lots of visitors after the baby comes and we do occasionally have a soldier or two who aren't good to drive after hanging out here so they crash up there as well. I think the room design is cuter and would make a cuter nursery but Matt feels that its too far away from us. So the Man room it is. With our registering next weekend, things will begin to arrive and I want to be able to put them at least in their proper room instead of stacking it in a closet like I do now. He says he's been putting it off because it makes it real. Trust me its real! I'm getting kicked to prove it!

We are taking a time out to watch the US play for hockey gold against Canada this afternoon. That should take out a good 3 hour chunck from our day so we'll see how far we actually make it in the clearing out process. Our goal today is to sift through Matts clothes and move his dresser back into our room. He still has clothes from after his 1st deployment in '03. They don't even come close to fitting him anymore and will stashed in the garage.

Wednesday is finally the day that we get to find out what the hell we are having!!!!! I even got a phone call yesterday to confirm my appt so I know its there waiting for me. I'm putting my foot down for a boy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Everywhere

So it looks like my whining about not being able to come home and visit is starting to pay off. My husband is a horrible secret keeper. I mean, its laughable to me. However, my mom doesn't know that and called last weekend apparently to scheme with him for her to fly in for a suprise visit next weekend!! He let it slip. But i'll play along as if I have no clue what is going on. Honestly, I'm going to cry either way. I tear up just thinking about seeing my mom. Plus she'll be here just in time to help me register thank God! Matt and I have no idea what we're doing.

Also Mi is planning a trip out here the week we were originally going to be back home. She'll be here for a little over a week. So looking forward to that as well. It sucks that you don't realize how much you miss people until they aren't around anymore.

Dave is still planning on coming down in October. To see the baby of course but he also wants to take me to Talledega (sp?) for the Nascar race. A chance for us to hang out and also get me my first break from the baby.

Ash will be down soon after baby's arrival as well. Plus Jessica will be here for about a week in September. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to see Kyle before Christmas. Between his Army thing and ours I'm not sure how that will work out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My test reults came back from last week and my Dr. called yesterday to let me know what the results showed, and it isn't great news. Not terrible news, but not great.

Basically my potein levels in my urine were high at 232 parts per. 300 parts per is the diagnosis standard for pre-eclampsia. So while I haven't developed it yet, I have a high probability of developing in the next several weeks. Its still a little early in pregnancy for stone fact diagnosis anyway. However, it means we have to be on the lookout for several things and change a few day to day activities around here.

Pre-eclampsia is big on high blood pressure. So I've been put on meds to lower my BP and we'll see how they are working at my appt next month. I also have to avoid salt in my diet as much as possible, as well as refined sugars. No more cookies and ice cream for Erin :( Continuing to drink lots of fluids and resting when possible.

The only way to get rid of it once you have it, is delivery. So my Dr said that if I do develop it I should be expecting to be put on bed rest for a while at the end and may not be allowed to carry to term. Pre-eclampsia can cause seizures in the mother as well as causing blood to not clot well, liver disfunction. A host of things bad for me. But I was reassured that these complications are not the norm and as long as the condition is found early it is usually very easy to manage. Which made me feel better. Its basically a balancing act of my health and baby's health. We'll keep him/her in there as long as we can, but it may come down to it just not being safe or healthy for either one of us to continue with the preganancy and we have to deliver early. This could mean 5 days early, or weeks early. We just have to wait and see. That only made me scared.

So thats where we stand now. Matt and I are kind of playing the waiting game to see how this all plays out. Both of us have concerns but we're opting for the "cross that bridge when we get to it" outlook. No sense in stressing over something that hasn't happened yet. But I'm doing all the right things and determined to get to a place that is safe and healthy for all involved. Unfortunately this puts me into a high risk category and travel, especially by plane, at 27 and 28 weeks is not in the cards. So for now, we won't be coming home unless things drastically change for the better.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy VDay

Well its Valentine's Day and though we personnaly don't celebrate it, we hope all of you who do have a nice one.

We're not doing much today. Matt wanted to go out to dinner tonight but after my reminder that its Valentine's Day he agreed to ditch that plan. Though I'm not really in the mood to cook a dinner tonight either. So it may just be a quick Brinner or he'll run down the street to McDonalds.

We're watching the Daytona 500 and the Olympics today. Well, I'm watching them, he's reading some mafia book. We got up early this morning and cleaned up the house. It wasn't really dirty just cluttered and I was beginning to feel the walls closing in on me. He did the dishes. Like all the way did the dishes. Which was nice because I had about a million other things of my list of things to do. So now we're relaxing. Amazing Race is back on tonight. Its one of our favorite shows to watch together and we're pretty excited its back so quickly. So thats what our night will consist of. Quarter Pounders and Amazing Race. Aren't we romantic?

This week marks week 19 of pregnancy and we'll see what suprises it brings. I've recently learned that I am allergic to any lotion. Even ones made specifically for pregnant women with extremely sensitive skin. Which is awful since its so cold and dry here that my skin has pretty much started to grow scales. Its getting more difficult to walk the dog without his harness on because he pulls so much, and with this baby out from I seem to be a bit off balance and more tipsy than normal. Going to have to start waiting for Matt to get home to walk the dog with me. Its easier to just do it later in the day than to argue with the dog for 40 minutes about getting his harness on.

It also brings about Matt and my 4 year anniverssary. 4 years ago we were set up on a blind date and other than deployments and TDY trips we have yet to go a day without seeing eachother. Wow, thats either super cute or totally sad. I can't decide ♥

We're waiting with baited breath to hear from Barb about Laurie and April and impending babydom. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Laurie doesn't go into Labor on her own before Wednesday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So we got snow this weekend. Matt was supposed to be in Florida. We got up early and I took him to the rental car place just as it was beginning to come down. We had heard we could expect up to 4 inches, so he was anxious to get out of town before it started to pour, and I was in a mad dash to make it to the hospital and have my blood drawn then to the store to get some groceries for the weekend as I don't drive in snow. I managed to get all of it done in about an hour and then just as I was pulling into housing, my phone rang. Matts mission was cancelled due to weather. Wouldn't you know it was actually snowing in Florida!

So here we sit in the house. We did end up with a good 6 inches of snow. It snowed heavy and steady all day. We took the dog out for a walk in it. He wouldn't go outside all morning. He didn't understand what it was and didn't want any part of it. Then after his walk, and after Matt and I were frozed and soaking wet, we couldn't get him to come back in the house. He just ran around with his nose buried in the snow. It was quite cute. We got some awesome pictures that will be posted soon.

Matt is glad to not have to work as he as worked every weekend lately. And he's especially glad that it happens to be a 4 day weekend. He's taking full advantage of lounging about the house in pjs. So long as no one gets into trouble this weekend we're pretty much on our own little island.

I'm feeling fine. Little growing pains but nothing compared to before. At my Dr appt last week my blood pressure was a bit high. I've always had high blood pressure but this was high even for me. So we've run some tests to rule out pre-eclampsia and I should get the results sometime next week. He's not worried about it but decided to do it as a precautionary measure. Better to know now than to be suprised by it later on. We listened to the heart beat and its going strong so that wonderful news. This was Matts first time with me at the Dr and I had the dopiest grin when we heard the heartbeat. He's going to be a mess when we have the ultrasound and he can see baby for the first time!

April's wife, Laurie has been scheduled for a c-section this Wednesday. Her dr feels that her baby is too big for her to work out on her own so he's decided to go in and get her. I know he wanted to do the operation on Friday but Laurie said that was too soon and she needed a few days to prepare. I'm just hoping that she doesn't go into labor between now and then. Not much of a choice when baby decides to come. So Allie Emma will be here within the next few days. Barb has flown down to Mexico for a week or so to help get things settled. So we'll wait to hear news from her when the baby makes her arrival.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Go

Just got back from the Dr and we're slated for an ultrasound in about a week and a half. The big boss lady said to wait until we officially hit 20 weeks. So we're waiting. I'm totally bummed. Ugh.

And We're off

So we're off to the Dr to hopefully get an ultrasound and find out what the heck we are having....wish us luck!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to My Mind

Basically Matt and I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog that our distant friends and family could read to keep up with us. So follow us on this journey through pregnancy and impending parenthood all within the wacky world that is Army life.