Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I know I need to update this thing, but my mind is just too busy to focus anything coherant. More later....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dumped by my Dr

I got a call from my Dr last night. I've been doing all of my routine tests over the last week or so and all the results were finally in so he called to let me know what the results were.

My ultrasounds all look great. Logan is looking exactly as he should. He is in the 98% for size so we're sticking with the June 25th due date. My glucose came back normal so no gestational diabetes. Which I have to admit was something I was actually really worried about. So that makes me feel better.

Then we got to the protein in the urine and I'm over the 300 parts per cut off. So even though my blood pressure is much lower since I've started taking medication for it, I'm still diagnosed Pre-eclamptic.

Since my Dr is only a 2nd year resident out of the Family Clinic, he's really only equipped to deal with low risk pregnancys. So he's refered me up to OB where they deal with the high risk patients. So now I sit waiting for a phone call from the OB clinic to schedule an appt. It also means I'll be going in for weekly checkups and tests to better manage everything. I'm bummed because I really liked my Dr. However, the universe does have a sense of humor because on Saturday I recieved a letter from Tricare stating that my PCM was leaving and I was re-assigned to the Dr I've been seeing since pregnant so I guess I'll still get to see him anyway lol.

I don't know what this means for how the rest of this pregnancy will play out, but I'm resolved not to worry or stress because that can only make things worse.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hacked it off

This morning while I was leaving the PX I walked right by the hair place and thought, I'm ready to get rid of this. So I went in and cut about 7 inches off. Wonderful feeling really.

Feeling Accomplished

The last 2 days Matt and I have gotten a ton of stuff done. We bought paint and painted the Logan's room. Well, I'm not allowed to paint, so Matt painted Logan's room and he did a pretty nice job for someone who had never painted before. Did the grocery shopping, which is always a chore with him because he'll spend $100 and come home with absolutely nothing to show for it. Finally got a new hose for the back yard after the dog chewed through the last one. So I can start watering the lawn again.

My dog made out like a bandit this weekend. He got 6 new toys and butcher bone. I think he's actually starting to look forward to us leaving him alone because we bring home treats!

Matt still has to tend to the yard but that can wait for tomorrow since his beloved NCAA final four is on tonight. I must say I'm counting the hours until its over and I can not watch basketball again for an entire year. I'm pretty much good to go. Lots and lots of laundry to do tomorrow but I'll worry about that tomorrow. Then moving baby's things back into the room and starting to really set things up properly!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Updates and Such

Ok, I'm going to be better about updating this thing, I promise. I feel like this week has drug on for so long and it hasn't even been that busy.

Monday I had another ultrasound because Logan was punching and kicking so much that they couldn't get a clear shot of his hands. So back down to the hospital I go. I hate how much of that goop they put on your belly. No matter how many paper towels you use you can never get all of it off and you feel so gross until you can get home and shower.

I also had to do the 1 hour glucose test to see if I'm developing gestational diabetes. I'm waiting for the results and they should be here next week. I'm not really worried about it but the stuff they make you drink is pure nasty. Its basically thick Hawiian Punch. You only have to drink about 10 oz of the stuff and they give you 5 minutes to drink it all. Trust me, you need the entire 5 minutes! Yuck!

Its Easter weekend and Matt has a long weekend. He's got Friday (today) off for Good Friday but not Monday off for Easter. I think thats weird but apparently its the way most people do things now so fine. We're not doing anything for Easter. We have a giant BBQ coming up in about 2 weeks and I really didn't feel like hosting 2 big events so close together. Plus Easter was never a huge deal in my family so I'm ok letting it slide.

This weekend will be busy for us though. When Matt cleaned out his "Man Room" so I could convert it to Logan's room, I found that he had nailed a bunch of stuff to the wall. I was so annoyed!! So now I have to patch about 2 dozen nail holes in the walls which forces me to have to repaint the room. Only made further annoying because of two reasons: 1) I can't paint. Hello? 7 mos preggo. So that leaves it up to Matt and I so don't trust him to do it all on his own and correctly. Or at least not up to my standards lol. 2) Since we live on Post we have to paint it the exact brand and color that it was originally painted. So I can't just head to Lowe's and get whatever paint is on sale and slather the walls in white. I have to drive into Alabama to track down Dover White. Grrrrr. However, as long as it gets done this weekend, I'll be fine.

We start birthing classes on Tuesday. So that will keep us busy throughout the month. We'll see how well that all works out. They say to bring pillows for comfort because you end up sitting on the floor much of the time. I'm going to end up sleeping much of the time if I bring pillows lol! But I'm thankful that my husband is home to go with me. I'd hate to have to do it alone. I also have to go out and buy a baby doll this weekend for class. Apparently I'll need it to practice with...I feel like I'm 12 going into Babysitting Certification classes!