Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Days and Counting...

Christmas is 6 days away and I feel like I have so much to do to prepare for it, but really I'm pretty good to go. Matt's mom is coming down this year. All by herself. Which is wonderful. So I have to start the required cleaning for her visit. Normally I would want the house spic and span before a family visit but honestly, I just don't care that much. If you can't have an unkept house for family, who can you have it for. So I'll do the basics and of course make sure the guest room is comfortable. Other than that, I have a toddler so the house is just never going to be prestine. 

I also feel badly that my house isn't decorated for the holidays. MIL always decorates so nicely for things and all I've got done is a tree and wreath on the door. I started to put some things out but nothing is beyond reach of Logan. Most of my decorations for the holidays are from Gramme and are therefore not at all replaceable and I'm not willing to part with them. So they will stay in storage for the next few years until Logan can be trusted with them. Hopefully she won't hold it against me.

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